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Why Hawaii?

Hawai‘i is known for its white sand beaches, crystal blue water, picture-perfect sunsets, temperate year-round climate, and a laid-back, surf-inspired lifestyle.

But there is so much more to experience than tropical weather and beautiful scenery.

A continued love of learning is supported in this multicultural land, full of hands-on educational opportunities.

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Hawaiian language

Hawai‘i is the only U.S. state that has two official languages: English and Hawaiian.

While English is the primary language used for business communication and daily conversations, there are places where Hawaiian is spoken often and fluently. In addition, many Hawaiian words are used regularly in conversation, posted signs and other forms of communication. Thrown in with English, this mix creates a local sound, totally unique to Hawai‘i.

The Hawaiian Language uses just 12 letters – the five vowels, a, e, i, o and u, and the consonants, h, k, l, m, n, p and w. The okina (‘) is also used when writing Hawaiian to indicate a glottal stop, and the kahakö (the line over a vowel) directs you to put an emphasis on that vowel. Knowing some commonly used Hawaiian words before you arrive will be helpful, no matter how long you’ll spend in the state. Here are some of the Hawaiian words you’re likely to see and hear in the Islands.

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Due to the temperate climate enjoyed year-round, reliable public transportation and convenient locations of many schools, it’s easy to get around without a car. Students living on or near campus often find that walking is the best option for them. Students living further away may opt for a bus pass or a bicycle to get around.

The Bus
Rental cars

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Edmund Garman


Health insurance

Unlike many countries, the U.S. does not offer socialized, national health - care. Because the cost of health care in the U.S. is high, many universities in Hawai‘i require international students to purchase a health insurance plan.

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